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    Nicole - Best Birthing Experience for First Time Mom

    Nicole -
    Nicole - Best Birthing Experience for First Time Mom

    Nicole and her husband Alex were thrilled about having their first child.  “I don’t know if anyone could have had a better delivery experience than me,” Nicole says. “It was just so perfect!”

    Twenty-six-year-old Nicole says it was a friend who let her know about Sutter Roseville Medical Center. “We live a little closer to another hospital,” she says. “But someone told me how amazing Sutter Roseville’s birthing center is – she said it was like a spa. After we checked it out, I decided that was the place for me.”

    “I felt really good about everything during my pregnancy,” Nicole says. “I found a wonderful Sutter obgyn, Dr. Juhn. And the ‘Ready, Set, Deliver’ class was a great preparation. So, when we showed up at the hospital after my water broke, I wasn’t even that nervous. I was excited beyond words, but I felt like I was in the best hands. And I was.”

    Nicole describes her birthing experience as, “smooth as clockwork.”  She says, “The team that I had worked so well together, there was never an anxious moment. I had someone coaching me, another was feeding me ice chips, and my doctor was in complete control.  It was comforting and the perfect place and time to bring my little Sydney into the world.”

    After her daughter’s birth, Nicole was content to stay at Sutter Roseville as long as they would let her. “I didn’t want to leave the birthing center, they were waiting on me hand and foot! Alex and I couldn’t believe it. They were so accommodating to Sydney and us,” she says.

    “Giving birth at Sutter Roseville was awesome,” Nicole says with a laugh. “I know that word is overused, but it’s really how I feel. From the moment we arrived at the hospital, I felt confident that I was getting the best care. Everyone was unbelievably experienced and knowledgeable. And I could tell all of them love their jobs. There is no doubt that my next baby will be born at Sutter Roseville!”


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