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    Frankie - Robotic Sacrocolpopexy (Vaginal Wall Repair)

    Frankie - Robotic Sacrocolpopexy (Vaginal Wall Repair)
    Frankie - Robotic Sacrocolpopexy (Vaginal Wall Repair)

    Frankie knew something was just not right. But she wasn't sure what exactly was going on "down there." So she scheduled an appointment with her gynecologist, and after her examining her pelvic area the doctor said she would need major surgery to fix her vaginal bulge and suggested that they just "sew her up."

    "I was mortified," said Frankie. "And I was ashamed. I was only 61 years old and the thought of major surgery frightened me. So I started doing my own research."

    Frankie got on the internet and started looking up her symptoms. Before long, she had self-diagnosed her condition as a vaginal prolapse and read that she should see an urogynecologist.

    "I looked up urogynecologists in Northern California and I found Dr. Hilger," said Frankie. "I read he was one of the local leading physicians for da Vinci robotic surgery. Robotic surgery sounded exciting to me!"

    Frankie continued to do more of her own research and watched a video of da Vinci surgery on YouTube. Although she was nervous and slightly embarrassed walking into her first appointment, everything fell  into place one she met Wes Hilger, M.D. Within a few weeks she was at Sutter Memorial Hospital for her robotic sacrocolpopexy (vaginal wall repair) and bladder sling.

    "After surgery I felt like a new person," said Frankie. "I was only in the hospital for one night. Three days after surgery I was goofing around. I felt great – if not for the catheter I would have been dancing. Within two weeks I was off all medications and walking two miles at a time. I also felt more comfortable because I didn't have the nagging pressure of a bulge down there anymore."

    And to those women with similar conditions, Frankie advises that you are not alone and that a large number of women can overtime develop a vaginal prolapse, so don't be embarrassed. "If I had to do it again, I would have done it sooner."

    Learn more about da Vinci robotic surgery for gynecologic conditions through Sutter Women's Services. 


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