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    Sutter Weight Management Institute


    Don -

    Don - He finally found his perfect weight loss program

    When Don Bartlett realized he weighed 500 pounds he knew he had to do something to make his life healthier.  He has dieted his whole life, but nothing worked until he enrolled in the Hernried Center for Medical Weight Loss.
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    Kristy -

    Kristy - Bariatric surgery gave her a new outlook on life

    Kristy Walker says she used to wake up every day on a diet and go to bed every night a failure.  She says she was fat and miserable until she made a decision that completely changed her life. 
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    Scott and Elizabeth -

    Scott and Elizabeth - Achieving their weight loss goals together

    Scott and his daughter Elizabeth have more in common than their father- daughter relationship.
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    Elva Valasek -

    Elva Valasek - Education was the key to her success

    Elva called the Sutter Options for Success (SOS) program, a diabetes prevention program, and enrolled in the 12-week course to lose weight through healthy eating and being more physically active. 
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    Cheri -


    Cheri Didio had bariatric surgery ten years ago and couldn't be happier. She lost 110 pounds and has maintained a trim and healthy weight. 
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