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    Eleanore -

    Eleanore - Restored shoulders

    At 77 years young, Eleanore Scott has had 26 various surgeries through the years. The two surgeries that made the most impact on her life were bilateral shoulder joint replacements.
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    Carmen -

    Carmen - A Wood Worker's Dream

    A few years ago Carmen gradually began feeling pain in her right shoulder. The pain slowly limited her range of motion until she couldn’t reach up to brush her hair, she couldn’t reach into the dryer and she couldn’t shut the car door.
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    Sarah -

    Sarah - Making strides at animal shelter

    Sarah Super, a semi-retired accountant, has volunteered at the Amador County Animal Shelter for 29 years performing various tasks including walking the dogs, among other things. “I love walking the dogs,” said Sarah. “It’s a big part of my life.”
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    Gillian -

    Gillian - Gardening Again

    The constant kneeling and bending over the flower beds began to take its toll. Gillian experienced severe back pain due to the disintegration of three lumbar discs in her spine. Suffering from bone on bone Gillian turned to pain management specialist Peter Bravos, M.D.
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    Mary Helen -

    Mary Helen - The Armchair Traveler

    Invited to the Cinque Terre region in Italy for a wedding, Mary Helen Fein and her husband, Stuart Clancy, found themselves resting in a stairwell leading to the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City.
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    Betty H. -

    Betty H. - Hip Replacements Give Gardener Her Life Back

    After being diagnosed with severe arthritis in both of Betty’s hips, Dr. Meehan performed a total joint replacement on both hips.
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    Wendy Russell -

    Wendy Russell

    Five years ago as Wendy Russell sat on the bow of a boat enjoying being out on the water, two jet skiers roared by, creating a turbulent wake  that tossed Wendy high into the air. From landing hard in the boat and breaking two vertebrae in her back, Wendy has not had one day that’s been pain free. Imagine her delight in the new spinal cord simulator that interrupts pain signals and lowers pain levels. 
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    Jim -

    Jim - Climbing His Way Back

    Jim Pink is an energetic guy, so when he began to experience pain in his groin whenever he went up and down a ladder, he began to get concerned.
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    Brodie Chaboya -

    Brodie Chaboya

    When pro wakeboarder Brodie tore his ACL he needed to take care of it quickly and efficiently to get back in the game.
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    Kathy -

    Kathy - Crashing Into a New Reality

    A faulty brake pedal in Fairfield resident Kathy Bassler’s car changed her life in an instant. The mechanical error led to a serious accident that left her physically and mentally shattered, and her recovery was slow and painful. Two unsuccessful hip replacements that followed the accident left her dependent on a wheelchair. 
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    Gretchen -

    Gretchen - At sixty, the best years are still ahead

    When Gretchen broke her ankle waterskiing on the first day of the season last summer—shortly after she turned 60—she was heartbroken, thinking her days of activity might very well be over.
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    Mary Ann -

    Mary Ann - Anterior Hip Surgery Gets Golfer Back on the Green

    Mary Ann Chittick had retired and was ready to live life to the fullest when she began experiencing hip pain in 2005. For almost six years the avid golfer lived with increasing pain in her left hip and over time, even the simple act of walking became very painful. 
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    Brian -

    Brian - Dual Knee Replacement Brings Bright Future

    Brian Shomler calls himself a "walking miracle." As a young boy he suffered a bout with polio, which attacked his legs and left shoulder. He made a full recovery but the disease caused his young legs to bow.
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    Mary -

    Mary - Maintaining an Active Lifestyle

    For six years, the 46-year-old Vacaville resident ignored the pain in her left knee thinking it would just go away. Finally, Mary decided to turn to Sutter Health for help. After a successful left knee reconstruction, she fessed up to her doctor about something else. While trying her luck on a trampoline at a birthday party, she landed awkward and heard a pop in her right knee.
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    Joe -

    Joe - Returns to Active Lifestyle

    Between working in construction for 30 years and living an active life-style which included hiking and motorcycle riding, Auburn resident, Joe’s hips were deteriorating more and more each day.
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    Warren -

    Warren - At the UC Davis Arboretum

    For 37 years, "Walks with Warren" were a favorite monthly event, despite a painful and worsening right hip. Toward the end, 'Walks with Warren' were becoming 'Waddles with Warren'.
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    Jaime -

    Jaime - An End to the Pain

    Not too long ago, Benicia resident Jaime Herman found herself unable to do the simple things she used to take for granted—taking walks, riding a bike and getting down on the floor to play with her young grandson.
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    William -

    William - Handling the Legwork

    That’s where the professionals at Sutter came in. Dr. John Kofoed helped him understand the extent of his injury and the steps that would be involved in a complete recovery. "They helped me set realistic expectations," he explains. "I knew it was going to take time and multiple surgeries to get back to normal."
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    Marguerite -

    Marguerite - "Sutter is the best around"

    Marguerite Hall couldn’t take it anymore. After struggling through years of constant arthritic pain in her knee, she turned to a physician she has trusted for more than 20 years, Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. John Kofoed.
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    John -

    John - Off the Benchmark

    When 60-year-old John was researching his second hip replacement surgery, he was sure of one thing: this time he wanted it done at Sutter. "When you have hip replacement you almost become part of a club,"" said John.
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    Macy -

    Macy - Growing up with Juvenile Arthritis

    When Gerica gave birth to her second child, she thought her life was moving along perfectly. She and her husband already had an adorable little girl, 16-month-old Macy. But, as Gerica went into her second month as a mom of two, things took a turn for the worse. Little Macy – who hit all her developmental milestones on track – began to lose interest in walking.
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    Connie -

    Connie - New Leash on Life

    As Vacaville resident Connie Schilling reached for the leash, her shepherd-husky mix, Molly, jumped for joy. Connie clicked the leash on Mollie’s collar and they went out the front door. While Molly wagged her tail in doggy happiness, Connie grimaced and limped. The pain in her right hip was excruciating. It was harder and harder every day to walk with Molly.
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    Dave -

    Dave - Back in the Game

    For three years Dave suffered from osteoarthritis in both his knees. It is the most common type of arthritis which causes the cartilage in a joint to become stiff and lose its elasticity.
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    Darlene -

    Darlene - New Knee, New Life

    For years, Darlene suffered with knee pain. "I had trouble walking, even short distances. I was almost always in pain," she says. "I am a polio survivor; one of my legs is weaker than the other. My good leg's knee started giving out on me in my fifties and it kept getting worse."
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    Suzanne -

    Suzanne - Galloping Ahead After Double Hip Replacements

    Suzanne’s hip problems began 10 years ago, when at the age of 38, the avid athlete found herself in too much pain to continue her favorite sport of running. She learned she was a candidate for hip replacement but since she was so young, she opted to wait a little longer.
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    Betty -

    Betty - New Knees Help With Recovery

    Having knee replacement surgery on both knees has been a major determinant in Betty's recovery from a recent surgery to replace a defective heart valve. Arthritis created such crippling pain in both of Betty's knees that she was unable to get around her own house without the help of a walker.
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    Michael -

    Michael - Regenerating a New Fingertip

    While restoring his 1967 Mustang, Michael accidently pinched off the tip of his left ring finger when the tool he was using broke. "My finger got caught in between the coil spring and the broken spring compressor tool. Took the tip right off".
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    Kelly -

    Kelly - Grand Slam

    Kelly is a die-hard softball player, the type who still hustles for the ball at age 46 and turns out year after year to play with the same team.
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    Porfiria -

    Porfiria - The Right Moves

    Porfiria had to hang up her beloved tango shoes after her left foot began to fail. She tried dancing through the pain but could not override the unbearable discomfort. Eventually she could barely walk.
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    Lori -

    Lori - Back in the Game

    "The minute I woke up in the hospital, my pain was gone," said Lori, who had been experiencing extreme hip pain from bone touching bone. The pain was so severe she couldn't sit or stand, let alone pursue her favorite pastime, golf.
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    Ron -

    Ron - Back on the Bike

    An avid cyclist, Ron grew concerned when he began experiencing pain in his groin about two years ago. "I thought it was a pulled muscle, but when my doctor took X-rays, my left hip was almost bone-on-bone," said the 60-year-old Applegate resident.
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    Michele -

    Michele - Saying Yes to Life

    Michele knows the first part of her story is one shared by countless women and men. She hopes that telling others about her journey will encourage them to follow suit and find the same happy ending—and new beginnings—she now enjoys.
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    Brian -

    Brian - New Hip Joints Give Life Back to 38-Year-Old Father

    Brian developed a serious case of gout on a business trip to Hawaii. "The pain was so intense I had to travel with a cane and couldn’t even lift my own bags," said Brian. "I had to stay incredibly focused just to get my bags to the car."
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