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    Caitlin - Trading Scoliosis and Braces for Fashion and Heels

    Caitlin -
    Caitlin - Trading Scoliosis and Braces for Fashion and Heels

    Caitlin, like most teens, has a lot going on with school, friends, cheerleading and staying on top of the latest in fashion. But over the last few years she has also been confronted with scoliosis, wearing braces and the idea of surgery.

    Caitlin was diagnosed with scoliosis before ninth grade after a cheerleading injury sent her into the doctor's office for X-rays. After extensive research, Caitlin's mother was fascinated to hear about a minimally invasive procedure for scoliosis and even more excited to learn that the founder of the procedure, George D. Picetti, III, M.D., was at Sutter in Sacramento.

    After consulting with Caitlin and her family, Dr. Picetti suggested that surgery would be the most effective way to correct the 40-degree S curve in her spine. In March she went in for surgery at Sutter General Hospital. Because of Dr. Picetti's minimally invasive technique, which required only a few small incisions on her side (instead of a long cut down her back), Caitlin was out of the hospital in four days, recovered in three months and able to wear anything she wanted without having to worry about any large scars.

    What Dr. Picetti and his team can do is truly an art," said Maureen Barker, Caitlin's mom. Dr. Picetti's attention to detail is amazing and they were able to correct her scoliosis with just a few small incisions."

    Caitlin's recovery hasn't slowed her down; if anything it's given her confidence. She is heading into her senior year of high school, pursuing her love for fashion by volunteering on a local fashion board and coaching a junior high cheerleading squad.

    For more information or an appointment with Dr. Picetti, please call 916-454-6850.


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