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    Your Farmer's Market Guide | back to top
    by Maxine Barish-Wreden, MD, ABIHM

    Local farmers markets are sprouting up all over the place which means you probably have more access to locally-grown fruits and vegetables now than ever before. But if you are new to shopping at a farmer’s market your first visit can be a bit overwhelming. Learn More about Your Farmer's Market

    Are You Stressed Out About Being Stressed? How Stress Management May Be Your Best Medicine | back to top
    by Denise Dempsey and Ron Cotterel, M.D.

    Is stress making you sick? In this lightning-paced age of long work hours, skyrocketing prices, sensory over-stimulation, and political turmoil, it's hard to imagine NOT being stressed out. But breathe a sigh of relief! Science is now showing that if we are smart about how we cope with stress, not only can we feel better but we can also prevent and even treat illnesses. Learn More about Stress Management

    Better Health Through Bodywork | back to top
    By Heather Watne, C.M.T.

    Your body is your home. It is also your vehicle. Just like a house or apartment, it needs cleaning, maintenance, and occasionally some reorganization and redecorating. And just like a car or bike, it also needs to be checked and tuned up every so often, to run at peak efficiency. Bodywork can help you maintain and even improve your home and vehicle, your body. Along with nutritious food, regular exercise, rest, and fun, bodywork can keep your body in optimum running condition. Learn More about Bodywork

    The Creative Arts as a Therapeutic Tool | back to top
    By P. Nandi Szabo

    When medically ill clients enter the realm of health and wellness, often they are faced with a need to listen deeply to their own truths. Movement and art can provide a vehicle for listening - listening to oneself, listening between selves, listening to the uniqueness of these exchanges. Listening is a crucial ingredient for healing, for, as the psychiatrist and artist Charles Johnston writes "health is as much a function of internal listening as it is external intervention." Learn More about using the creative arts as a therapeutic tool

    Treating Colds and Flu Using a Natural Approach | back to top
    By Brian Dempsey, L.Ac.

    Catching a cold or flu can be a miserable experience, with the typical fatigue, achiness, fever, sore throat, cough, and the sad potential of going through entire boxes of tissue. Many people typically have two to four colds during a given season, often times causing them to miss out on family and recreational events, or even school or work. Here in Northern California our cold, wet winters provide an environment conducive for acquiring the viruses that cause colds and flu. Once they have started, these viral infections of the upper respiratory tract are not responsive to antibiotics (which tend to be over-prescribed), nor do non-prescription cold medications shorten the course of the illness. Fortunately, some simple herbal preparations and the Traditional Chinese Medical system offer substantial relief from this winter nuisance, and alternatives to long periods of bed rest, misery and loss of productivity. Learn More about Treating Colds and Flu Naturally

    Tips For Back-Healthy Exercising | back to top
    By Rich Naval, D.C.

    Summer sun is back in Davis, so it’s the perfect time for exercise. Exercise is an excellent strategy in the management and prevention of back pain. The theoretical benefits of aerobic exercise are many: It may reduce obesity, an established risk factor for low-back pain; increase endorphins (the body’s natural pain killers); and alter the perception of pain, perhaps by reducing anxiety and depression. Whether you’re a top-notch triathlete, a weekend Nautilus warrior, young or seasoned, if you are going to exercise, you can stay in tip-top condition, and keep your back strong and healthy, by keeping in mind some simple suggestions. Learn More About Back Healthy Exercising