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    Ongoing Classes
    Sutter Health Institute for Health & Healing

    Below is a listing of ongoing classes offered by Sutter Health Institute for Health & Healing in Sacramento and Davis, CA.

    Dance Movement Therapy | back to top
    Free Dance Movement Therapy class for patients and survivors of cancer, sponsored by Sutter Cancer Center and Sutter Center for Integrative Health. This twelve-week program will use dance movement therapy as a means to enhance the healing process and build a supportive community.

    View the class details for Dance Movement Therapy

    Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program (MBSR) | back to top
    These classes are designed to develop tools useful in calming the mind and body through meditation and basic yoga techniques. Mindfulness is moment-to-moment nonjudgmental awareness which has been shown to be effective in addressing many stress-related conditions as well as various forms of chronic pain.

    The first class is an orientation class that is free to the general public (it is mandatory for class participants). Classes are two hours in length and consist of training in meditation, gentle yoga and relaxation. There are periods of experiential practice, lecture and discussion. No physician referral is necessary. Visit our Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction page for more information

    Oncology Support Group | back to top
    Cancer changes our lives….from diagnosis through treatment through resolution…..the impact can be profound. Yet living with cancer is possible. Are you newly diagnosed and wondering what this means for your life? Are you moving through treatment and struggling to find a new normal? Are you or your loved ones grieving the life you thought you would have?

    Read more about Oncology Support Group (opens PDF in a new window)

    Yoga for Stress Management | back to top
    Are you feeling stressed out? Wanting to learn how to manage your stress but not knowing where to start? Always heard that yoga is good for stress management but been afraid to try it? Or are familiar with yoga and want to learn more about how to use yoga to help manage your stress? Then this class is for you.

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