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The Institute for Health & Healing Clinic in Sacramento is part of the IHH network of integrative medicine clinics providing comprehensive care at locations in Northern California. Using a collaborative approach, our practitioners and physicians combine evidence-based complementary therapies with conventional medicine to promote healing and optimal wellness. In partnership with our patients, we provide acute care, disease management and individualized care planning that addresses the whole person and their personal health goals.

New Food, New You

5-Week Detox Program
Learn how to eliminate harmful foods from your diet and incorporate healing, healthy foods. Learn More about the 5 Week Detox Program

The Science of Healthy Aging

The Science of Healthy Aging

A free community lecture.
Drs. Sara Gottfried and Eric Hassid will look at how your genes, hormones and lifestyle can support healthy aging and offer tools for optimizing your "healthspan" - the period of time when you feel healthy and in your prime.

Learn more about the laughter lecture

New Release

Improve your overall health and hasten recovery from surgery by following these Wellness Suggestions for Recovering from Surgery (opens in a new window). (.pdf)

Pre-Op Suggestions (opens in a new window) (.pdf)