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    Sutter Imaging Teleradiology Technology
    Sutter Imaging

    More than turn-around times; Turnkey Solutions

    Sutter Imaging Teleradiology offers your healthcare delivery team the fastest, most secure technology available ensuring worry-free data transfers and allowing you to deliver responsible and reliable patient care. Gateway systems are in place to expedite image transfer, optimize turnaround times and guard against security threats. This backbone of technology was specifically designed by RAD’ expert IT workforce to exceed industry standards. Redundant network connectivity allows you to stay on track and on point without the risk of loss of service. The systems we utilize to keep your business - and ours - operating at high levels are rigorously tested for enhanced productivity and improved patient care.  These proven IT operations provide a hassle-free, dependable environment, leaving you to focus on patients, not technology.

    Sutter Imaging Teleradiology boasts a robust infrastructure that accommodates even the most complex demands. Trained to be responsive to the needs of multi-specialty physicians working in an ever-changing, fast paced environment, certified IT specialists stand ready to respond in 30 minutes or less. We continuously “ping” our systems, monitoring for lapses in downtime to pre-emptively respond before potential failures arise.

    Our goal is to keep you functioning at high levels without worry of technology and work-flow issues. Partnering with you during implementation and beyond, Sutter Imaging Teleradiology is on board to help you grow your business while you concentrate on those who depend on you for quality patient care. With Sutter Imaging Teleradiology, you have dedicated radiologists, an expert management team and the most advanced technical support staff assigned to your account well before launching a connection.

    • Fully integrated HIPAA compliant operating systems
    • Thorough downtime procedures and efficiency plans
    • Reliable, HL7 capable, and fully integratable PACS systems
    • Better than industry-standard response times
    • Stable technology platform for accessing reports
    • Fast and secure connections continuously monitored for worry-free data transfers
    • Experienced, certified technical professionals available for analysis, implementation and 24/7 troubleshooting
    • Agile operations and streamlined management for rapid response rates