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    Low-dose CT Lung Cancer Screening
    Sutter Imaging

    Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the United States but early detection can save lives. Early-stage lung cancers have up to a 60% cure rate, compared to only 10% with late-stage cancers.

    Are you at risk for lung cancer?

    Smoking is the number one cause of lung cancer. Other risk factors for lung cancer include exposure to second-hand smoke, radon, asbestos and other hazardous materials common for those who work in the construction or chemical industries, and have a family history of lung cancer. Learn more about lung cancer risk factors and prevention.  

    Low dose CT Screening

    Sutter Imaging now provides low-dose CT lung cancer screening for those who qualify.  The low-dose CT screening exam is a safe way to detect lung cancer early.  The radiation of the scan is equivalent to five chest x-rays.

    Low-dose CT screening is fast and simple. The exam is complete in about 20 minutes. The procedure is painless, noninvasive and doesn’t require an IV or contrast.

    You can have your scan at one of our convenient CT locations.  Your scan will be reviewed by a radiologist and the Sutter Cancer Center Lung Nodule team. Results will be sent to your personal physician for them to share with you.

    Are you eligible for this screening?

    Contact your doctor or call the Sutter Cancer Center Lung Nodule Clinic at 855-704-5864.


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    Many insurance companies cover the cost of a lung cancer screening exam. Check with your insurance company. If your insurance company doesn’t cover this exam, you may choose to proceed at a cost of $190 which is due at the time of service.