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    In keeping with our dedication to excellence in care, we now offer digital mammography exclusively so that your doctor can take advantage of image viewing tools, such as zooming, brightening, darkening and changing contrast levels. While film and digital mammograms deliver similar results, digital mammography allows your doctor to more closely examine breast tissue abnormalities.

    Sutter routinely uses Computer-aided-detection (CAD) technology that works like a second pair of eyes, reviewing your mammogram film after the radiologist has already made an initial interpretation. If the computer software detects any breast abnormalities or "regions of interest" on the mammography film, it marks them. The radiologist can then go back and review the mammogram film again to determine whether the marked areas are suspicious and require further examination (with either additional imaging or biopsy).

    All mammograms are performed by female technologists. The type of mammogram that your physician orders will depend on your history and any symptoms that you may have.

    • A screening mammogram is performed on women who have no signs or symptoms of disease. Typically, two images of each breast are taken. Larger-breasted women may require additional images.
    • A diagnostic mammogram is performed on women or men who have a symptom, such as a lump, pain or a nipple discharge, or a personal history of breast cancer. Diagnostic mammography also is performed when a screening mammogram shows an area that needs a more detailed look. The type and number of views taken will be customized to your situation.
    • Implant “push-back” views may be added to either type of mammogram, for women who have breast implants. These special views are taken to reveal as much breast tissue as possible by gently maneuvering the implant out of the way.

    Learn About Mammograms and How To Prepare For Your Exam

    If you are a man or a woman having your first mammogram, we recommend that you read the comprehensive explanation about breast cancer screening and mammograms in our Health Information Library. The section includes why mammograms are done, how to prepare, what to expect and what the test results will show.


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