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    Dorothy - A Heart-Felt Partnership

    Dorothy -
    Dorothy - A Heart-Felt Partnership

    One look at Dorothy Britt’s broad smile and twinkling eyes, and you can tell that this is a woman who truly loves life. The mother of three sons and two daughters, Dorothy dealt with the tragic loss of one of her daughters in adulthood. Yet this vivacious 80-year old has the kind of positive outlook on life that easily rubs off on everyone around her. Given her infectious enthusiasm, you wouldn’t know that she struggles with heart failure. Every five months she goes in to see her doctor, Stephen Peters, M.D., cardiologist at Sutter Roseville Medical Center, so he can keep a close watch on her damaged heart.

    Dorothy certainly didn’t fit the profile of someone who would develop heart problems. After a bout with rheumatic fever as a young woman, Dorothy realized that she needed to discipline herself to stay healthy. So she didn’t smoke, ate a balanced diet and kept her weight under control. Yet despite her efforts, 14 years ago she had a heart attack. Her late daughter, who was a nurse, literally saved Dorothy’s life when she said, “Mom, you don’t look right. We’re going to the emergency room.” Two weeks later, Dorothy had triple -bypass surgery. “It was really touch and go. They did not expect me to come out of that hospital,” says Dorothy. 

    Although Dorothy takes things a bit easier these days, she remains active as a volunteer with her husband of 62 years, Richard, driving cancer patients to doctor appointments.

    There is little doubt in Dr. Peters mind that Dorothy has survived the assaults on her health because of her proactive approach. “I personally think the main reason she remains vital is because of her healthy lifestyle and her incredible attitude—she wants to live and is vibrant and active.  She has no time for a failing heart—and guess what, her heart is listening to her!” 

    For Dorothy’s part, she also credits Dr. Peters, along with her faith in God, with her continued well-being. “Dr. Peters has done so much for me—I truly believe that having a good relationship with your doctor is two-thirds of the equation. But while doctors are wonderful, they can’t take your hand,” says Dorothy. “You have to be the one to make the right choices in life.”


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