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    Community Benefit Programs
    Sutter Health Sacramento Sierra Region

    Community Benefits Program Report for 2010
    Our community benefit programs are designed to help the people who need it most. This website highlights a few...

    2012 Community Benefit Report for 2011
    Please contact the SHSSR Community Benefits Team if you are interested in obtaining a copy.

    As a health care organization our hospitals are open 24 hours a day and serve anyone who walks through the door, but we know that’s not enough to promote active, healthy communities. As a partner in building a healthier community, we must also reach into the community to locate the areas of need and provide services and resources to address those needs.

    The Sutter Health Sacramento Sierra Region (SHSSR) considers five principles described in "Advancing the State of the Art in Community Benefit: A User's Guide to Excellence and Accountability," developed by the Public Health Institute when developing community benefit programs:

    Disproportionate unmet health-related needs

    We strive to build and support programs that serve the people who need it most.

    Primary prevention

    We develop programs that focus on keeping families healthy.

    A seamless continuum of care

    We work to ensure our programs and services are linked.

    Capacity building

    We seek to build the capacity of existing community assets.

    Collaborative approach

    We can't do it alone, so whenever possible, we partner with existing community and government agencies.