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    Pediatric Neurology
    Sutter Children's Center, Sacramento

    Dr. Amer Khan offers family-centered pediatric neurology

    The goal of Sutter Pediatric Neurology is to improve the life of children with neurological problems, while educating parents and increasing public awareness of these often disabling conditions in the community.

    Our Pediatric Neurologists and Neuropsychologists realize how much anxiety and angst it causes families to have a child with neurological illness and are here to provide the best neurological care possible. And because neurological conditions in children can be incredibly complex in nature and require specialized care, our Pediatric Neurology Program combines extensive basic science research with a wealth of clinical application experience, advanced technology, and a multidisciplinary network of pediatric and neurological experts.

    We also realize that obtaining neurological care has been very difficult and time consuming not only in this region but everywhere, and we have a goal of providing consultations efficiently and as quickly as possible.

    Conditions Treated

    Our specialists remain at the forefront of research to help us better understand, diagnose, and treat children with neurological disorders. Unfortunately, many disorders go unnoticed until adolescence or early adulthood. The key to effective management and treatment of these disorders therefore depends on appropriate early diagnosis and intervention. We provide specialty supervision in the following pediatric neurological disorders (click on the links below to learn more about our programs):

    Our Pediatric Neurology Team

    Our pediatric neurology offices are located in Sacramento and Roseville.

    Pediatric Neurologists
    Michael G. Chez, M.D.
    Nalini Chandra, M.D.
    Amer Khan, M.D.
    Ashtoush Raina, M.D.
    Shailesh M. Asaikar, M.D.
    Paul M. Chretien, M.D.

    Pediatric Neuropsychologists
    Christopher Lepage, Psy.D.

    Pediatric Neurosurgeon
    Samuel Ciricillo, M.D., FACS

    Pediatric Neuro-Oncologist
    Nora Wu, M.D.

    More Information

    Visit our Children’s Health library for more information on common pediatric neurological conditions. Or follow the links for more information about our Sleep, Epilepsy and Autism Programs.