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    Music Therapy
    Sutter Children's Center, Sacramento

    At Sutter, we believe music has an extraordinary power to bring healing and wellness. We are pleased to offer a dedicated music therapy service with the goal of improving our patients’ physiological, cognitive, emotional and social goals. Our therapists partner with children and their families to provide an individualized therapeutic approach.

    How is music therapy used?

    • Music listening
    • Songwriting
    • Singing
    • Music Improvisation
    • Live Music Making
    • Song Lyric Analysis
    • Guided Relaxation

    Why is music therapy needed?

    • Reduces pain and pain perception
    • Lessens sedation required for procedures (CT, MRI)
    • Encourages interaction with family and peers
    • Increases relaxation
    • Normalizes the hospital environment
    • Promotes sense of independence and control
    • Reduces stress, depression and anxiety
    • Reduces trauma associated with hospitalization
    • Supports new coping skills
    • Supports emotional expression
    • Addresses developmental and neurological needs
    • Supports physical rehabilitation (fine/gross motor)
    • Increases communication (verbal/nonverbal)
    • Provides support for family and caregivers

    Professional Staff

    Music Therapy Staff
    Daniel Beseda, MT-BC (left) and Hana Cho, MT-BC (right)

    Music therapy is an allied health care profession that is administered by board-certified music therapists who possess the MT-BC credential from the Certification Board for Music Therapists (CBMT). Sutter Children’s Center is proud to partner with the team at McConnell Music Therapy Services to offer this great service to our patients.

    Hana Cho, MT-BC

    Daniel Beseda, MT-BC

    Tara McConnell, MT-BC
    Owner, McConnell Music Therapy Services

    Sophie’s Place

    Sophies Place

    Sutter Children’s Center is now home to Sophie’s Place, established in loving memory of singer and songwriter, Sophie Barton. Sophie often sang in hospitals because she understood music’s power to heal. These special spaces care for young people suffering from pain, chronic illness and serious injury. Sophie’s Place is made possible thanks to generous contributions from the Forever Young Foundation, he Donut Dash, and other philanthropic partners.