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    Evan -

    Evan - Seizure-Free Thanks to Laser Surgery

    When Evan was between three and six months old his mother Stacy noticed that Evan wasn't hitting developmental milestones around the same time as other like-aged babies.
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    Ethan -

    Ethan - Never Give Up

    Born with a heart defect, Heather knew there was a chance that the baby she was carrying was at a higher risk for also having a congenital heart condition. When she was 23 weeks pregnant, she had a level 2 ultrasound with one of Sutter’s perinatologists and it was then that the doctor suggested they have Stanley Wright, M.D., a pediatric cardiologist, review the imaging. Dr. Wright let Heather know that her fetus showed characteristics that indicated a heart condition, but that they would have to follow-up a few weeks later when they could see more to provide a diagnosis. 
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    Thomas -

    Thomas - Back to Life and Sports After Neurosurgery

    For Missy and her 13-year-old son, Thomas, it was just another busy Saturday. But a phone call on their way home from Thomas’ soccer game dramatically changed their lives. Thomas had been experiencing months of severe dizziness and headaches, and the week prior he had gone to see his pediatrician, Irene Chen, M.D., who had the foresight to schedule a CT scan. The phone call was from a doctor at Sutter Roseville’s Emergency Department to let them know Thomas’ scan showed a tumor in his cerebellum and they needed to head to Sutter Children’s Center, Sacramento where a team would be waiting for them. 
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    Lachlan -

    Lachlan - Little Guy, Big Heart

    As with most new parents, Ian and Jennifer were overjoyed with the arrival of their first born, a son named Lachlan.  And as they prepared for their two week check up with their pediatrician they were prepared to talk about Lachlan’s feeding and sleeping schedule – and not as prepared to hear that their baby had a heart mummer.
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    Monica -


    I went to Sutter Davis to have my first baby and had a really positive experience there. My hope was that I would go through the labor process as naturally as possible and of course wasn't sure what to expect.
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    Molly -


    My daughter, Rose, was born 6 weeks prematurely due to complications of my pregnancy. Although safely delivered by my Sutter physicians, Rose was unable to nurse right away. As a mother of a premie, it was particularly important for me to breastfeed but my baby was not able to latch on or feed enough from the breast for the first couple of months.
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    Brandon -

    Brandon - Back To Being a Kid Again

    Like any typical 9-year-old boy, Brandon enjoys riding his bike and swimming. But Brandon’s medical history is anything but typical. At 2 years old, he started having seizures and was diagnosed with a brain tumor in his frontal lobe.  
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    Luke -

    Luke - Return to Play Safely

    Ten-year-old Luke was geared up with his cleats and helmet and ready to play lacrosse in his backyard. Running to make a catch, Luke went from the grass to the driveway and his feet flew out from underneath him. The back of Luke’s head hit the concrete.
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    Amelia -

    Amelia - 2.5 Months Too Early

     “Interesting”, those were the first words I uttered when I found out we were pregnant.  Of course, it was around 3 AM, I was at work at the fire house, which I always am when something significant happens, and Jamie had just called me to tell me the news that we were pregnant.
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    Nicholas -

    Nicholas - Born with a Heart Defect - Now Brings Hope

    If you were to watch 19-year-old Nick shoot hoops with his friends or play golf on his collegiate team, you would see the picture of health.  But underneath his golf polo is a scar on his chest – a little reminder of all he has overcome to be the athlete, son, brother and student he is today.
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    Danielle & Ryan -

    Danielle & Ryan - Holaday and Their Fab 4

    It took more than two, often tearful, years for Danielle to conceive. She and Ryan went through countless doctor visits, a painful surgery for Danielle, fertilization drugs, intrauterine insemination (IUI), more fertility drugs and, finally, in vitro fertilization started once and then again. In early May, they finally received the thrilling news that their efforts had paid offDanielle was pregnant.
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    Chase -

    Chase - All-Star Athlete despite Heart Surgery at Birth

    Chase was diagnosed with transposition of the great vessels, a congenital heart defect in which the two major vessels that carry blood away from the heart -- the aorta and the pulmonary artery -- are switched.
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    Lauren & Caden -

    Lauren & Caden - NICU Family at Sutter Roseville

    Three months into her pregnancy, Lauren doctors noticed she was not on target with her weight gain and had a peripherally inserted central catheter line placed for ongoing infusion therapy.
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    Sara & Elizabeth -

    Sara & Elizabeth

    "Because my first child was induced, I had no idea what early labor felt like," said Sara. "I went to the hospital worried and the labor and delivery team did everything they could to try to stop the contractions. When my nurse finally examined me she gave me a hug and told me that I was 6 cm dilated and my daughter was ready to come out. But she assured me everything would be ok."
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    Alex -

    Alex - Heart Surgery Keeps Her Healthy

    Roxana and Brian were devastated to learn that their daughter, Alexandra, has a congenital heart defect. "We found out right after she was born. She was diagnosed with Ebstein's anomaly – an extremely rare heart condition," says Roxana. "The good news is that it is manageable. The bad news is that Alex may need heart surgery every several years in order to lead a normal life."
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    Sydney -

    Sydney - "Your Daughter Has Cancer"

    The words are devastating for any parent to hear, but especially so when your daughter is just 9 years old.
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    Jill -

    Jill - Heart Transplant Patient Builds Her Own Family After Triumphing Over Condition

    When Jill was born in 1973, she had blue baby syndrome. Her parents would later learn that she was born with a severe heart defect and was missing both an atrium and a ventricle.
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    Macy -

    Macy - Growing up with Juvenile Arthritis

    When Gerica gave birth to her second child, she thought her life was moving along perfectly. She and her husband already had an adorable little girl, 16-month-old Macy. But, as Gerica went into her second month as a mom of two, things took a turn for the worse. Little Macy – who hit all her developmental milestones on track – began to lose interest in walking.
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    Tyler -

    Tyler - From football to heart surgery and back again

    When the nurse at urgent care told Terri that her son had a cardiac abnormality, she didn't believe it. After all, Tyler was the picture of health – an active high school senior and quarterback of the football team. Earlier that day, Tyler told his parents that he was having heart palpitations at practice. To be on the safe side, Terri and her husband took Tyler to an urgent care center where they ran tests that revealed a heart problem. Terri then took Tyler to a different medical provider for a second opinion. There, they confirmed a heart abnormality and insisted Tyler go to the local hospital for treatment.
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    Aiden -

    Aiden - Autism Specialist offers Hope to Family

    To Danyelle, Dr. Chez is a rock star. And she doesn’t say that lightly. At age 3 and a half, her son Aiden was diagnosed with autism. At that time they lived out of the state and, although they saw the leading autism experts in the area, the extent of the advice was to modify his diet and do what they could to give their son the best life possible.
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    Taylor -

    Taylor - Neurosurgery to Halt Tumor

    Kids grow fast. But what is too fast? Sara noticed 7-year-old daughter Taylor was growing at a rapid rate. So fast that she would grow out of clothes overnight and go through three shoe sizes in two months. Aware that something wasn't right, Sara took Taylor to the pediatrician.
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    Baby Brody -

    Baby Brody - Thriving Today, After a Stay in the NICU

    More than anything, Sara was excited to give birth to her second child.  “The C-section was planned and I knew what to expect since I went through it with my daughter,” she says.  “I couldn’t wait to meet my baby boy!”
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    Bronte -

    Bronte - A Family Dedicated to Epilepsy Research

    When Bronte was three months old she had her first seizure; that was nearly 16 years ago. Over the first few years of her life she had almost every kind of seizure possible and sometimes had up to 10 grand mal seizures per day. She saw specialist after specialist and tried many different medications.
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    Cynthia -

    Cynthia - Helping her Children Conquer Diabetes

    "When you're a parent, you do whatever you need to do for your children," says Cynthia, mother of nine. "It doesn't matter if it's difficult, you just do it."
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    Kathy & Baby Abigail -

    Kathy & Baby Abigail - Coordinated Care Makes a Difference

    As a first-time mom, Kathy was grateful for a normal pregnancy and complication-free delivery of her daughter. Before she was discharged to go home, one of the nurses warned that Abigail was slightly jaundiced.
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    Emilie -

    Emilie - Smallest baby in the world to undergo a balloon pulmonary valvuloplasty

    Born three months premature and weighing only one pound, 15 ounces, Allison fought for her life in the Special Care Nursery. Weighing a mere one pound, seven ounces, Emilie had been born with critical pulmonary valve stenosis.
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    Gina -

    Gina - A Tiny Bundle of Miracles

    While Gina tells her story, there's a very active 3-year-old boy playing nearby and a 7-month-old baby girl clamoring to be fed. It's been a lively, busy three years for Gina and her husband, Craig.
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    Alexandria -

    Alexandria - Miracle Baby

    Yvonne remembers that Thursday as if it were yesterday. She knows exactly what she was wearing and how hot it was. And she remembers how shocked and scared she felt when her water broke - 16 weeks early.
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    Anthony -

    Anthony - Brave 5-Year-Old & Gamma Knife

    Tammy finished her shift as a cashier at the Goodwill store on Arden Way, returned to her apartment and found her son Anthony complaining. "Ahh, my head hurts," he whined. A warm shower and a snack, she thought, would help her 5-year-old feel better. But the freckly faced redhead got worse. He lay on the loveseat screaming, his mouth twisted to one side, his little limbs shaking, his eyes rolling up and back.
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    Mark -

    Mark - Gold-Medal Heart

    At age 14, sports defined Mark’s life. He started swimming with his older brothers’ swim team at age four, added soccer and baseball in grade school, and continued all three sports into high school. Mark’s dad noticed his son limping and was immediately alarmed when Mark told him he felt a lump on his bone.
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    Monique -

    Monique - Back to School

    One doctor called her “Princess.” Another nicknamed her “Sleeping Beauty,” because she was always asleep when he came into her hospital room. Her mom refers to her as “Mija” (pronounced Mee-ha), short for “Mi hija,” or “my daughter” in Spanish. Monique would probably call herself lucky and grateful.
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