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    Kathy & Baby Abigail - Coordinated Care Makes a Difference

    Kathy & Baby Abigail -
    Kathy & Baby Abigail - Coordinated Care Makes a Difference

    As a first-time mom, Kathy was grateful for a normal pregnancy and complication-free delivery of her daughter.  Baby Abigail was born at Sutter Roseville Medical Center in September 2008.  Before she was discharged to go home, one of the nurses warned that Abigail was slightly jaundiced.  She explained symptoms to expect and watch for, and encouraged the new parents to seek medical attention if Abigail exhibited any concerning behavior.

    During her first day at home, Abigail wasn’t sleeping or eating like a normal newborn.  Kathy and her husband took Abigail to see their pediatrician at Sutter Medical Group.  The doctor ordered lab tests to diagnose the problem.  “Abigail just didn’t seem happy,” Kathy said.  “I knew something wasn’t right.”

    The pediatrician soon called to confirm Kathy’s concerns.  He said that Abigail’s blood work revealed a high bilirubin count.  He also said that he had already made arrangements for Abigail to be admitted into Sutter Roseville Medical Center’s NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit).

    As Kathy and her husband were getting ready to go back to the hospital, they got a call from the NICU saying they were ready for Abigail.  “We were, of course, overwhelmed and scared by what was going on,” said Kathy.  “But I felt comforted by all the doctors working together to help my baby. I was impressed by how fast and coordinated they were.”

    When Kathy and her family walked through the door of Sutter Roseville’s NICU, she immediately felt a little better.  “They were expecting us, they knew who we were and I didn’t have any qualms handing Abigail over to the nurses who were so caring and loving.”

    The NICU staff put baby Abigail under special lights to help get her counts lowered.  They also gave her hydration and nutrition through an IV.  “She was getting better,” Kathy said.  “We were going to spend the night with her, but after seeing how much care and attention the staff gave Abigail, we felt OK going home to get some much needed sleep.” 

    “Everyone who worked in the NICU was very accommodating,” Kathy said.  “They even gave me a breast pump to use because I felt strongly about Abigail not having formula.  The nurses went out of their way to take care of every detail.  We knew Abigail was in good hands.  The best hands, really.” 

    Abigail continued to improve over the next couple days. “After her tests results came back healthy, the staff decided to keep her in the hospital an extra day to monitor her levels without the lights or the IV,” said Kathy.  “That gave me peace of mind; I knew that she was perfectly healthy when we took her home.”

    Today, three months later, baby Abigail is healthy and happy.  “She’s wonderful, I’m so grateful to have a healthy baby.  I love every aspect of my life right now.  And I’ll never forget the amazing people at Sutter Roseville’s NICU.”


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