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    Lachlan - Little Guy, Big Heart

    Lachlan -
    Lachlan - Little Guy, Big Heart

    As with most new parents, Ian and Jennifer were overjoyed with the arrival of their first born, a son named Lachlan.  And as they prepared for their two week check up with their pediatrician they were prepared to talk about Lachlan’s feeding and sleeping schedule – and not as prepared to hear that their baby had a heart mummer.

    “But I talked to my friends and did some research online,” said Jennifer,”and I learned that many babies are born with a heart mummer and they usually grow out of it.”

    Lachlan was referred to Stan Wright, M.D., a pediatric cardiologist with Sutter Children’s Center, Sacramento for a full work-up. After some diagnostic scans Dr. Wright explained that Lachlan was born with two holes in his heart - both an atrial septal defect (ASD) and a ventricular septal defect (VSD) - and that surgery would be needed to prevent complications.

    “We were overwhelmed,” said Jennifer. “We went from thinking it was probably just a standard mummer to hearing that he had multiple heart defects and that he would need surgery.”

    Soon after hearing that Lachlan would require surgery Ian and Jennifer met with Teimour Nasirov, M.D., pediatric cardiovascular surgeon and Medical Director at Sutter Children’s Center, Sacramento.

    “Dr. Nasirov was amazing,” said Jennifer. “He spent two hours with us before the surgery making sure we understood what he was going to do. He was confident and made a scary situation very easy on us.”

    At only seven-weeks-old Lachlan underwent a four hour operation where Dr. Nasirov was able to repair the hole and narrowing in his heart. And to his parent’s relief he gave them a nice big smile when he came out of surgery.

    “Both Dr. Wright and Dr. Nasirov checked in with us frequently after surgery,” said Jennifer. “Not only to make sure Lachlan was doing well, but to make sure Ian and I were doing ok too.”

    Lachlan was discharged within a week and a few weeks later he went in for a post surgical appointment with Dr. Wright. His ultrasound and vitals all looked good and he will just need to see Dr. Wright for check-ups every few months. And to his Australian father’s delight Lachlan should be cleared to play rugby when his is older.

    “Dr. Wright helped us through the whole process, from the diagnosis and the operation, to the follow up appointments,” said Jen. “We see Dr. Wright for follow up appointments and we know that Lachlan's getting the absolute best care available!” 

    Learn more about Pediatric Heart Care at Sutter Children's Center. 


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