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    Baby Brody - Thriving Today, After a Stay in the NICU

    Baby Brody -
    Baby Brody - Thriving Today, After a Stay in the NICU

    More than anything, Sara was excited to give birth to her second child.  “The C-section was planned and I knew what to expect since I went through it with my daughter,” she says.  “I couldn’t wait to meet my baby boy!”

    Sara has fond memories of arriving at Sutter Roseville on the morning her son, Brody, was born. “My sister was already there, she was excited, too. I was getting nervous, not really concerned something would go wrong, but I was becoming anxious.” Sara says. “Once I was in the operating room, I felt better. They were playing music, my husband Andrew was there and the doctors and nurses were upbeat. It was a nice environment.”

    During her C-section, Sara recalls hearing the doctor say, “Hey there big guy!” right before she heard her son’s voice for the first time.  “I heard his sweet little mellow cry. He sounded just as I dreamt he would,” she says. “And then I cried. There’s just nothing like that moment.”

    Basking in the glow of their newborn son, Sara and Andrew weren’t too concerned when they found out Brody was being evaluated in the NICU  (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) for rapid breathing. “Our daughter had a similar issue after her Caesarean birth,” Sara explains. “Unfortunately, it turned out to be much more serious with Brody due to a pneumothorax (tear in the lung). He had to stay in the hospital for treatment.”

     “It was awful to see our little baby struggling and attached to all that medical equipment,” Sara says.  “But I knew that Brody was in the best hands. The doctors and nurses were angels! They were so concerned for him, just like we were – and that gave us much needed peace of mind.”

    Over the next days, Brody got better. “I can’t thank the staff at Sutter Roseville’s NICU enough!” says Sara. “Dr. West was wonderful, he’s the one who did Brody’s procedures and spent a lot of time with us, explaining what was going on. Everyone who took care of Brody has a special place in our hearts, they were each incredibly knowledgeable, accommodating and comforting. I’m just so overwhelmed by their care and expertise.  We are forever grateful.”

     Brody is thriving today. “He’s such a happy, easygoing baby.  He is always smiling and loves to watch his big sister.  He is the perfect addition to our family and is such a joy.”


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