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    Sutter Children's Center, Sacramento


    Monica -

    I went to Sutter Davis to have my first baby and had a really positive experience there. My hope was that I would go through the labor process as naturally as possible and of course wasn't sure what to expect. But what I experienced was that having the nurse in the room with me throughout the labor process was a tremendous help to me. She instructed me about various techniques I could use that would help me deal with the pain naturally. We used the tub in the room, and the shower. Probably the most helpful technique was using the birthing ball that enabled me to sit and simultaneously receive counterpressure on my back. Throughout the labor we used different techniques to cope with the pain and work through it. As a result, we were able to go through the process naturally and have a successful delivery. But without that support, encouragement and without someone experienced there to talk us through different techniques and demonstrate how to do them, I'm not sure we really could have made it through with as positive an experience as we ended up having. I am really grateful for that.

    One of the things I appreciate about delivering at Sutter Davis was when I was taken to the postpartum room the baby remained with me. That allowed me to nurse him whenever he needed and that gave us lots of opportunity to practice nursing. The nurse made herself available and checked in on us frequently, giving us tips along the way. She helped us when we came into various difficulties and as a result, breastfeeding was a very successful process for us.

    When we went home, the baby developed jaundice and we were readmitted. But even that experience was very positive because the nurse again was very available to us, checking on us frequently and helping me as I nursed him, and as a result, we didn’t need to supplement with formula or anything. We got the jaundice turned around just through breastfeeding. That additional time in the hospital proved to be really valuable to us and as a result, we went home really confident with breastfeeding.

    We got a lot of instruction from the nursing staff and that really enabled us to be successful at nursing and now we’ve got it down. I was amazed at all the different techniques we could try and the different positions.


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