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    Molly -

    My daughter, Rose, was born 6 weeks prematurely due to complications of my pregnancy. Although safely delivered by my Sutter physicians, Rose was unable to nurse right away. As a mother of a premie, it was particularly important for me to breastfeed but my baby was not able to latch on or feed enough from the breast for the first couple of months. I knew the many health benefits of breastfeeding for a premature baby: disease protection, better growth and development, reduced incidence of life-threatening diseases and decreased occurrence of the typical complications of prematurity. So I very much wanted to breastfeed her.

    My Sutter Nurse was extremely supportive both physically and emotionally in helping me to successfully breastfeed.

    Through the support and encouragement of my Sutter nurse, I was able to establish a milk supply through pumping, and then at two months of age, Rose was breastfeeding exclusively! Without her help and guidance and encouragement I would not have persevered and would have missed out on this wonderfully rewarding experience of bonding with my baby and giving her the nutrition and immunity she needed. The advice and help I received from the Sutter lactation support nurse gave me the knowledge and confidence I needed to successfully breastfeed. I know I am giving my daughter the best and healthiest start in life through breastfeeding.


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