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    Aiden - Autism Specialist offers Hope to Family

    Aiden -
    Aiden - Autism Specialist offers Hope to Family

    To Danyelle, Dr. Chez is a rock star. And she doesn't say that lightly. At age 3 and a half, her son Aiden was diagnosed with autism. At that time they lived out of the state and, although they saw the leading autism experts in the area, the extent of the advice was to modify his diet and do what they could to give their son the best life possible. They were never advised on clinical treatments of autism and could only hope that one day there would be a way to medically treat and manage her son's conditions.

    After moving back to Sacramento, Aiden was referred to Michael Chez, M.D., medical director of Pediatric Neurology at Sutter Neuroscience Institute. Immediately, Danyelle noticed that Dr. Chez was different from the other specialists they had seen.

    "Dr. Chez was the first doctor to ask in depth questions about Aiden. It was obvious to me that he wanted to develop a clear picture of our son as an individual, not just another kid on the spectrum," Danyelle said. "It was so refreshing to have a doctor actually listen to me and show a genuine interest in my thoughts on Aiden's condition."

    During the initial appointment, Dr. Chez ordered several tests and discussed a variety of medications that he has successfully used to help medically control some of behaviors common to children with autism.

    Aiden went through diagnostic testing that showed, in addition to his apparent behavioral symptoms, he was experiencing seizure-like brain activity in his sleep. He was prescribed a medication for the abnormal brain activity and soon after the family noticed a dramatic improvement in his language skills.

    Dr. Chez didn't stop there. He ordered additional tests and invited Aiden to become part of a clinical trial he was participating in.

    "Almost immediately we noticed a change in Aiden's social behavior," said Danyelle. "Sometimes my husband and I would just look at each other in shock of the new things he said or new age-appropriate behaviors we have never seen before. The difference is far beyond anything I could have imagined.

    "Aiden started becoming more aware of his surroundings. He started engaging in prolonged two-way conversations. He talked about his observations. His cognition and reading markedly improved. It is amazing to look back and realize how much he has improved in just three months."

    Danyelle and her family are thrilled with the improvements that they have seen in Aiden so far, and excited about what their partnership with Dr. Chez can bring in the future.

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