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    Lauren & Caden - NICU Family at Sutter Roseville

    Lauren & Caden -
    Lauren & Caden - NICU Family at Sutter Roseville

    As a first-time mom, Lauren and her husband, Corban, were thrilled when they found out she was pregnant. It was only three months earlier that the newlyweds experienced a miscarriage six weeks into their first pregnancy. However, because of their miscarriage and Lauren’s epilepsy, their pregnancy was high-risk, so in addition to her obstetrician Rashad Rashid, M.D., the couple consulted with Jean-Claude Veille, M.D., a specialist in perinatology.

    Three months into her pregnancy, Lauren doctors noticed she was not on target with her weight gain and had a PICC – a peripherally inserted central catheter -- line placed for ongoing infusion therapy. At first she only had to visit the Sutter Roseville Medical Center Infusion Therapy Center two times a week, but from five to eight months she was in there every other day.

    “The infusion nurses were amazing and always accommodating me,” said Lauren. “They were invested in my pregnancy and genuinely concerned about our son as he developed.”

    As Lauren’s pregnancy progressed, so did her blood pressure. Dr. Rashid diagnosed her with preeclampsia and she was ordered to bed rest for the last two and a half months of her pregnancy. On July 9, eight months into her pregnancy, Lauren was admitted to Sutter Roseville with bronchitis and sinusitis. Because of her trouble breathing and preeclampsia, they scheduled her for a C-section the following Monday. However, Dr. Veille made the call to do an emergency C-section the next morning.

    Caden was born on July 10, weighing 5 pounds, 11 ounces. His first couple breaths were good and healthy, but soon after birth he developed breathing problems and was put on a C-PAP machine for 12 hours to help him receive the oxygen he needed.

    Caden spent the following 16 days in the Sutter Roseville Medical Center NICU gaining weight and learning to suck, swallow and breathe. He was fed both through a feeding tube as well as a bottle. Getting him to drink 2 ounces was a great success but took several days. When he left the NICU, he was drinking 4 ounces.

    “I would go to the NICU every day to be with him. Not being there wasn’t an option,” said Lauren. “But it was hard to leave him in the evening. Sometimes I would call the NICU nurses at 1 a.m., 3 a.m. to see how he was doing. I was always reassured that Caden was OK and that my calls were welcomed.

     “Every single nurse in the NICU not only took wonderful care of Caden, they took care of me and my husband. It’s an emotional time and the support that they offered was effortless on their part. It was natural because they genuinely care about each family. They also helped educate me on what to expect. And they took us on as individuals and never made us feel our concerns were not valid. I wouldn’t want to have my baby anywhere else.”

     Living only five minutes away from Sutter Roseville, Lauren and Caden make visits to what Lauren describes as “their NICU family.” “They cared for and loved our little boy tirelessly,” Lauren says. Isn’t that what family does?”


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