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    RN New Graduates
    Sutter Health Sacramento Sierra Region

    Congratulations on becoming an RN!

    Here at Sutter Health Sacramento Sierra Region, we not only share your commitment to life, we depend on it! At the heart of our mission to enhance the health and well-being of the community is the most dedicated nursing staff in the area. We attract and retain nurses by providing them with the finest facilities and resources for quality patient care -- as well as challenges that lead to career growth.

    There are three RN STRONG cohorts per year. Typically, the start dates are in February, June and October. Look for requisitions to be posted a month or two prior to the start dates. To find them, search using keywords “RN STRONG” or “New Graduate Training Opportunity”. Applications will be considered in a manner consistent with the RN STRONG program guidelines.

    Information provided above is based on previous years and may change according to affiliate needs.  To locate positions please visit:

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What does "RN-STRONG" stand for?
    It is an acronym that stands for, "Supporting the Transition and Retention of New Graduates."

    2. What are the purposes of the RN-STRONG Program?
    The main purposes of the RN-STRONG program are to offer new graduates who have obtained their Registered Nurse license a one-year structured education and training program aimed at supporting a successful role transition from student to practicing registered nurse in their first year of employment post nursing school. The new graduates begin employment in groups to facilitate their feeling supported by the instructors and by each other when together away from the clinical setting. Feeling supported in this manner increases the likelihood of new nurses expressing the fear and anxiety commonly felt by novice nurses with peers who can empathize with each other, and experienced nurses who can assist them in overcoming these feelings, which helps build the new graduate's confidence and successful role transition.

    3. Who is eligible for the program?
    Preference will be given to newly licensed registered nurses who have graduated from nursing programs within the greater Sacramento valley and foothills and HAVE NOT BEEN EMPLOYED AS A REGISTERED NURSE IN ANY CAPACITY in or outside of California, AND, possess a California RN License at the time of submitting the application. Graduates awaiting notification about passing NCLEX and being issued a California RN license from the CA Board of Registered Nursing may apply, but assuming the RN position is contingent on having their RN License before the designated start date.

    4. What if the newly licensed RN has spent some time working as a RN?
    Preference will be given to new graduates from nursing programs throughout the greater Sacramento Valley and Foothills with no work experience in a role requiring a RN license.

    5. How do I apply for the program?
    Job applications must be submitted via our website: Please make sure you thoroughly answer all questions. If applicable, please disclose ALL working experience in a role that required a RN license. Please include a copy of your resume and cover letter. Because there is limited space to attach documents to your on-line application, we ask that you please save letters of recommendation for if/when you are selected for an interview. Keep in mind that whatever you submit will be seen by the Recruiter and Hiring Managers. Please double-check your spelling and grammar.

    6. How long is the RN-STRONG program?
    The RN-STRONG program is one year in length, and begins with a 12-week orientation. The orientation is comprised of approximately 25% didactic sessions, simulation experience, and other supplemental learning and support activities. The remaining 75% of the orientation is clinical orientation with a unit-based preceptor. Beginning week 13 and through week 52, the duration of the first year is mainly spent working on the clinical units and participating in supplemental learning and support activities coordinated by the program staff. Beyond the first year they will continue to participate in on-going training, education, and support offered to all SHSSR registered nurses.

    7. What hours and shift is a RN-STRONG participant expected to work?
    It is expected that the RN-STRONG program participant will work full-time during their orientation period. The orientation is a very concentrated and intense portion of the program and it would be a disadvantage for there to be any missed time. The program participant must also be available to work any shift (days, evenings and nights) as well as any weekday, weekends and holidays during the first year, which will be scheduled according to the affiliate/unit scheduling guidelines and practice. Depending on the needs of a department, or what is determined to be the optimal experience for a new graduate nurse in that area, it is possible that the orientation may be on the day shift for a few weeks and then the graduate will be scheduled on another shift for the duration of their orientation.

    8. When will the postings be up and where would I find it?
    Please check this page for updates on our next cohort.

    9. How often is this program offered?
    At this time, the program is offered three times a year.

    We thank you for your interest in the program!