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    Elliot -

    Elliot - Minimally Invasive Surgery Helped Elliot Stay Active

    Elliot Roberts has been active his whole life.  Playing organized football and baseball through school and into adulthood set the stage for an active life. At 66, he still exercises regularly, both elliptical cardio and strength training five times a week. Being athletic has always been important in his life, so when he started feeling badly in late 2011, he knew something was wrong.
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    Arnie -

    Arnie - Robotic Prostatectomy was right for Arnie

    Arnie Krogh was enjoying his retirement – spending time with family, traveling, and attending football games at his alma mater, Stanford University, where he studied industrial engineering on a football scholarship. During one of his routine wellness checks with his primary care physician, a blood screening test for prostate cancer revealed an elevated PSA level. In a follow-up visit with Sutter urologist David S. Yee, M.D., M.P.H., Arnie underwent a prostate biopsy. The results revealed early-stage prostate cancer.
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    Karen -

    Karen - Back on the Trail

    First-time marathoner Karen didn't run away from a diagnosis of breast cancer. Instead, she was determined to get the best treatment and get back to the running trails.
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    Missy Nance -

    Missy Nance - Lumpectomy turned out to be the best treatment option

    Mylissa “Missy” Nance’s relationship with her breast cancer team is a true testament of Sutter’s tagline, We Plus You.
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    Gwen -

    Gwen - Gwens Breast Cancer Story

    As an engineer by profession, Gwen is gifted with a detailed-orientated, type-A personality. And she expects the same level of precision in her personal life, especially by her medical team.
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    Thomas -

    Thomas - Back to Life and Sports After Neurosurgery

    For Missy and her 13-year-old son, Thomas, it was just another busy Saturday. But a phone call on their way home from Thomas’ soccer game dramatically changed their lives. Thomas had been experiencing months of severe dizziness and headaches, and the week prior he had gone to see his pediatrician, Irene Chen, M.D., who had the foresight to schedule a CT scan. The phone call was from a doctor at Sutter Roseville’s Emergency Department to let them know Thomas’ scan showed a tumor in his cerebellum and they needed to head to Sutter Children’s Center, Sacramento where a team would be waiting for them. 
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    Michael G. -

    Michael G. - One Man's Journey Through Prostate Cancer

    I have cried a lot these last five months. But men aren't supposed to cry, particularly tough old lawyers like me who spent years fighting bad guys like the crooks that ran Enron. However, nothing could hold back my tears, both of fear and joy.
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    Lynette -

    Lynette - Lynette's Breast Cancer Course

    “I was shocked,” said Lynette after being diagnosed with breast cancer. “And then the morning after my diagnosis I was watching the news and saw a story on a new treatment for breast cancer. I rewound it a few times to see what it was and who offered it.”
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    Selene -


    Talking with Selene you would have never guessed she is already a cancer survivor. Last year the 20-year-old was busy enjoying life as a new mom to a baby girl when she started noticing bruises on her body. First, she thought nothing of it, but after a while her mom suggested they go to their local health clinic in Reno. 
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    Kris -

    Kris - Life Didn't Skip a Beat

    After going in for her annual mammogram, Kris was diagnosed with early stages of breast cancer. Her primary care physician, Bayard Chang, M.D., immediately referred her to Gregory Graves, M.D., surgical oncologist and medical director of Sutter Cancer Centers.  “Cancer can have the tendency to take over one’s life,” said Kris. “That was not the case for me at all."
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    Jerrold -

    Jerrold - Early diagnosis proves crucial for community leader

    Jerrold Hatchett, 59, has been a fighter his whole life. He started in the Golden Gloves program as a child, but moved on to fight for both himself and others as a respected businessman and humanitarian. When he was diagnosed with prostate cancer, he knew he was in for the fight of his life.
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    Debbie H -

    Debbie H - Debbie Height has had Colon Cancer Twice

    Debbie H has had colon cancer twice, and in each case early detection saved her life. "Early detection helped me both times. If I wouldn't have been as persistent with keeping up with my doctor's appointments, it would have been a different story," she said.
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    Rebecca -

    Rebecca - Robotic Hysterectomy

    Rebecca was scared when she found out she had pre-cervical cancer. But she felt better once she learned about a minimally invasive way to reduce her risk while keeping up her active life.
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    Slawek -

    Slawek - Least Invasive Treatment Possible

    Slawek and his primary care physician Craig Ruggles, M.D., were actively monitoring his PSA levels ever since one of his tests showed high numbers for someone in their early 50s. When the numbers started to spike, Dr. Ruggles referred Slawek to Jonathan Eandi, M.D., medical director of Robotic Surgery at Sutter Medical Group.
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    Jimmy -

    Jimmy - Vallejo Man Hopes His Story Saves Lives

    The warning from the surgeon general on the side of each pack went unheeded. Even the commercial showing a cancer victim who had to speak from a hole in her neck didn’t move Jimmy Slover to quit. He’d been a smoker since he was 16; it was his one vice and he truly enjoyed it.
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    Jim Naylor -

    Jim Naylor - Jim Naylor - One in Six: Prostate Cancer

    K 1530 AM reporter Jim Naylor was diagnosed with prostate cancer in the summer of 2011. He decided to chronicle his cancer journey and package it as a series of stories that began airing September
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    Pat -

    Pat - The Power of Positive Thinking

    Pat McKnight, 78, is a cancer survivor…three times over. Twelve years ago, she was diagnosed with and treated for bladder cancer, but the c-word was the last thing on her mind when she started experiencing some swelling in her right foot in December 2009.
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    Prakashni -

    Prakashni - Blood and Marrow Transplant

    For months, Prakashni Shandil of West Sacramento had suffered one bad sore throat after another—and antibiotics were not much help. Her lymph glands were so swollen, doctors suspected she had tonsillitis. And so Prakashni, who works as a lab assistant for Sutter Medical Foundation, was scheduled to get her tonsils removed.
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    Charles -

    Charles - Prostate cancer won't keep him down

    Charles Jones, a 62-year-old Vacaville resident, had no idea that treatment for prostate cancer would lead to a new and exciting path in life. He’s turned his personal struggle with cancer into a national ministry that helps others going through adversity.
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    George -

    George - Prostate Cancer and Robotic Surgery

    went in for what he thought would be a routine physical with his internist. However, this time around, the results for his blood work showed a spike in his PSA levels. Another test confirmed that his PSA levels were higher than last years
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    Donna -

    Donna - Robotic GYN Surgery

    In the past year Donna started to become more and more familiar with cancer. She started off the year modeling for the Cancer Resource Center and ended it with a champagne celebration for her good friend who had overcome kidney cancer. The day after the party she discovered an unusual spotting of blood in her panties.
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    Tommye -

    Tommye - The Value of Preventive Care

    Tommye Isom considers herself blessed. She retired from the post office in 2000 after a 38-year career. She and her husband of 52 years have two sons and three grandchildren. Tommye’s health has always been good…until she was diagnosed with cancer. Miraculously, she still feels blessed, because the team at Sutter discovered her tumor early and the care she received exceeded her expectations.
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    Gerri -

    Gerri - Robotic Partial Nephrectomy

    Gerri had a large tumor in her kidney was faced with the possibility of having to have her entire kidney removed. Then she met Dr. David S. Yee, robotically-trained urologist with Sutter Roseville Medical Center.
    Watch Gerri's Story
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    Ahmeer -

    Ahmeer - Bone and Marrow Transplant

    Ahmeer Rivac has a competitive will. He’s a big fan of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and mixed martial arts. His spirited attitude has been known to be on display during his workouts at Capital City Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. The 33-year-old has also harnessed that energy in his battle against Stage II Hodgkin’s Lymphoma
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    Arlene -

    Arlene - A Successful Fight Again and Again

    Every day might as well be Christmas for Arlene. The great-grandmother has come to take each day as a present that she can’t wait to unwrap. As a three-time cancer survivor, she no longer takes her time for granted.
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    Hazel -

    Hazel - A Higher Level of Service

    For Hazel, a breast cancer diagnosis was like having her worst fear realized. “It was very frightening,” she recalls. “I felt out of control.” Fortunately, the oncology team at Sutter Solano Cancer Center met with her promptly, answered her questions, discussed her options with her and provided encouragement. “Everyone at Sutter just took care of me—and I felt very safe,” she says.
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    Debbie -

    Debbie - Smiling Through Adversity

    Breast cancer did not stand a chance against Debbie. The 51-year-old teacher emerged from two surgeries and six weeks of radiation treatment with her unique sense of humor intact.

    Debbie even shared her humor with the staff at Sutter Solano Cancer Center during her radiation sessions. "I had those people in stitches," she says. "It is what it is, so I decided to make it fun." The outstanding support she received from the staff at Sutter as well as her students fueled her determination to beat cancer. "I wouldn't have made it without them," she says.
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    William -

    William - A Life-Saving Surgery for Terminal Cancer

    In 2001, William went to his doctor for what he thought would be a routine colonoscopy; however, the screening showed cancerous cells. He was referred to Sutter Roseville Medical Center surgeon Laura Machado, M.D., to have a section of his colon removed. During surgery, Dr. Machado also discovered an abnormal amount large amount of fluid in his midsection.
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    Sharon -

    Sharon - Cancer Won't Stop Me from Riding

    After receiving yearly mammograms and having doctors express concern about something they saw on the film on more than one occasion, Sharon brushed off this appointment as another false alarm. Unfortunately, this time wasn’t a false alarm. Doctors were able to locate two masses – a cancer tumor and a cluster of atypical cells.
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    Marie -

    Marie - Shares BMT Experience with other Patients

    For the past 30 years Marie has provided friendly customer-service to all those she encounters in her job at Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento – especially patients. She is particularly empathetic to those undergoing bone marrow transplants since she went through two last year.
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    Robert -

    Robert - "I have cancer, but it doesn't have me"

    Robert has always been a competitor. In his youth he raced bikes. As a young adult he raced jet skis. He races motorcycles today, but his main competitor is cancer. For the last three years Robert has been fighting for his life although you wouldn't know it if you saw him at the gym, out duck hunting or playing with his two young daughters.
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    Lisa -

    Lisa - 18-year-old Marrow Donor Saves a Life

    As her 43rd birthday approached, Lisa went in to see her OB-GYN and while there she asked to get her annual blood work done. Lisa was feeling healthy, but wanted to stay on top of her cholesterol. Soon after her blood draw, she got a call that her blood tests showed low white blood and platelet counts and that she should follow up with her primary care physician, Raymond Turnure, III, M.D.
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    Linda -

    Linda - "This is all about you&"

    The request came as a bit of surprise. Linda Orrante never imagined her mother would have any interest in joining her when she went to Sutter Solano Cancer Center for radiation treatment.
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    Norma -

    Norma - Second Opinion Saved Her Life

    Norma (Jean) was in her Golden Years, but had no signs of slowing down. She worked for the State of California and also cared for her ranch and livestock in Wilton. Norma was one of the thousands of people who were affected when CalPers decided to discontinue access to the Sutter Health Network and was faced with discontinuing her long-term relationship with her Sutter primary care physician.
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    Pat -

    Pat - Two Types of Cancer, One Great Partnership

    Growing up, Pat spent much of her free time outside enjoying the life of a cowgirl in Colorado. Her days were filled with horses, the outdoors and rodeos…but what she didn’t pay much attention to (nor did many people growing up in the 70s) is sun protection.
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    Victor -

    Victor - Marrow Transplant Saves a Life

    Less than one year ago Victor Chavez was living a normal, healthy life in Vallejo with his wife of 38 years and four children. But then his health started ailing. Victor was more tired than usual and his appetite waned to the point where he rapidly lost 60 pounds.
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    Paul -

    Paul - A Qualified Caring Team

    Paul Hammond was frightened after learning he had prostate cancer, but his fears subsided after meeting the highly qualified and caring team at Sutter Solano Cancer Center.
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    Paul -

    Paul - Diagnosed with Advanced Lung Cancer, and Living to Share the Story

    At age 79 Paul considered himself pretty healthy. He was known as the “active guy” on his block, making frequent walking trips to his local grocery store. A few months ago he noticed that it took him longer to catch is breath after activity.
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    Nancy -

    Nancy - Taking Charge and Beating Lung Cancer

    As a former hospital administrator, Nancy knows a thing or two about health care. She also is a woman in tune to her own health. When she noticed she was losing weight on her naturally thin build, she grew concerned and scheduled an appointment with her doctor.
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    Tom -

    Tom - BMT Transplant Team of Angels

    An avid cyclist, Tom would sometimes ride more than 200 miles per week with his buddies. In tune with his health, he noticed he was tired more often and having trouble walking, breathing and was experiencing chest pains. He went into his doctorâ¬"s office to make an appointment and was immediately seen by a physician.
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    Kristen -

    Kristen - Beating Breast Cancer with Her Team of Specialists

    Kristen thought her battle with breast cancer was over. After her initial diagnosis, she had a lumpectomy and underwent chemotherapy and radiation. When an MRI scan showed another tumor in her other breast a few years later, Kristen decided this time to fight harder and stronger.
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    Kimberly -

    Kimberly - Positive Attitude Goes a Long Way in Breast Cancer Treatment

    As soon as she was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer, 46-year-old Kimberly was determined to beat the disease and return to a normal, healthy life. Kimberly had breast cancer and a double mastectomy. After surgery, chemo and reconstructive breast surgery, she is back teaching.
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    Rita -

    Rita - Family, Friends and Local Support Make it Possible

    It wasn’t until her cancer diagnosis that Rita found out how much support she had. From her children and grandchildren, to her coworkers and Auburn’s local health providers; everyone pitched in to make life easier for her.
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    Judith -

    Judith - Fighting Cancer: Mind over Matter

    After her diagnosis of ovarian cancer and a subsequent hysterectomy, Judith hoped the worst was behind her. At that time, she was not aware that the next step in her treatment, a unique chemotherapy, would test the limits of her will to survive.
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    Della -

    Della - Treatment Even Better Close to Home

    In the seven years since beginning work at the California Cancer Registry, Della has tracked the rates of cancer diagnoses throughout the state – but the idea of having cancer herself was very much removed.“You never really think it could happen to you,” says Della. “I am now in my own database.”
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    Mark -

    Mark - Gold-Medal Heart

    At age 14, sports defined Mark’s life. He started swimming with his older brothers’ swim team at age four, added soccer and baseball in grade school, and continued all three sports into high school. Mark’s dad noticed his son limping and was immediately alarmed when Mark told him he felt a lump on his bone.
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    Monique -

    Monique - Back to School

    One doctor called her “Princess.” Another nicknamed her “Sleeping Beauty,” because she was always asleep when he came into her hospital room. Her mom refers to her as “Mija” (pronounced Mee-ha), short for “Mi hija,” or “my daughter” in Spanish. Monique would probably call herself lucky and grateful.
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    Marsha -

    Marsha - Growth Through Hardship; Growing from Hardship

    Given the opportunity to change one thing about their lives, most cancer patients would choose to do without the cancer. But not 32-year-old therapist, Marsha . “I wouldn’t take it away. I’m a totally different person because of my cancer and I’m thankful for the growth,” said Marsha.
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    Edwin -

    Edwin - Lung Cancer Hasn't Slowed Him Down

    In the 12 years since he was diagnosed with lung cancer, 75-year-old Edwin is amazed at how many fellow cancer survivors he's met. Meeting that many survivors is unusual enough, but he's also surprised at how many share the same Sutter doctor.
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