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    Linda - "This is all about you&"

    Linda -
    Linda - "This is all about you&"

    The request came as a bit of surprise. Linda Orrante never imagined her mother would have any interest in joining her when she went to Sutter Solano Cancer Center for radiation treatment.

    Linda, 55, was diagnosed with breast center in March 2009. She could have made the trip from Fairfield to Vallejo for the treatment sessions by herself, but her husband would not think of it.

    Jim Nordin had to drive her each and every time. When her mother offered to go along, how could Linda tell her to stay home? Upon their arrival, the staff at Sutter Solano Cancer Center welcomed the entire family. In fact, they even treated her mother, Alice, and her husband to a tour of the radiation room and explained the entire treatment.

    Little did Linda know at the time how quickly she would have to return the favor to her mother. Alice, 79, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer on December 2009. The family faced a dilemma after Alice’s diagnosis when her regular hospital in Fairfield no longer accepted her insurance. Linda knew exactly where to turn. She called Sutter Solano Cancer Center.

    Linda’s familiarity with the staff at Sutter Solano Cancer Center has been a blessing during a difficult time.

    “They know who we are, so I’ve been a little more emotionally dependent on them,” she said. “They have given me an additional level of support. That has allowed me to be stronger for my mom.”

    Her own experience with cancer has helped Linda to cope with her mother’s disease. Linda herself was in denial after being diagnosed with breast cancer. She refused to believe the bad news.

    “I was one of those people who thought they would double check it and nothing was going to happen,” says Linda, who underwent a lumpectomy just four days after learning she had cancer.

    A few of her friends questioned the haste in scheduling the surgery, but Linda was ready to go for it.

    After the surgery, Linda said the Sutter Solano Cancer Center staff was more than accommodating in scheduling her radiation treatments so she would not have to skip work. “They made it seamless,” she said. “They told me, ‘This is all about you. Just tell us what you need.’”

    “I owe all the (cancer victims) who have gone before me a debt of gratitude. There’s so much advanced technology now.”

    Linda is repaying her debt by insisting to go along with Alice to her treatments.


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