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    Arnie - Robotic Prostatectomy was right for Arnie

    Arnie -
    Arnie - Robotic Prostatectomy was right for Arnie

    Arnie Krogh was enjoying his retirement - spending time with family, traveling, and attending football games at his alma mater, Stanford University, where he studied industrial engineering on a football scholarship. During one of his routine wellness checks with his primary care physician, a blood screening test for prostate cancer revealed an elevated PSA level. In a follow-up visit with Sutter urologist David S. Yee, M.D., M.P.H., Arnie underwent a prostate biopsy. The results revealed early-stage prostate cancer.

    Dr. Yee, a Memorial Sloan-Kettering trained urologic oncologist, and Arnie explored treatment options available to him, reviewing the benefits and risks of each one. He was encouraged to research and seek counsel from individuals and even other physicians to identify the best option for him. Arnie was emphatic in reflecting, "Every patient condition and status is unique. Sutter Urology provides excellent resources to support the decisions each patient must make about their care."

    Arnie's passion and connection to his alma mater led to a consultation with the professor and chair of Stanford University Hospital's Department of Urology. Her treatment recommendation for Arnie was surgical removal - a positive reinforcement of his discussion with Dr. Yee, his Sutter physician. Ultimately, Arnie chose to have his robotic-assisted laparoscopic surgery (via da Vinci® technology) with Dr. Yee at Sutter Roseville Medical Center. A primary factor in his decision was the partnership and trust that was built with Dr. Yee, who had encouraged and supported his treatment exploration. Dr. Yee even offered to provide local back-up service for any post-surgery needs, should Arnie elect to have his prostatectomy at Stanford.

    The expert, compassionate and individualized care provided by his Sutter team had him back home the evening following his surgery. And Arnie's recovery from his prostatectomy even had him back at his alma mater for the football season.

    "Just three weeks after my surgery, I was climbing the stairs at Stanford Stadium to kick off the new season!" said Arnie. "And I've got a much better chance of enjoying a lot more of that great passion thanks to my care team at Sutter."


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