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    Lynette - Lynette's Breast Cancer Course

    Lynette -
    Lynette - Lynette's Breast Cancer Course

     Lynette is dedicated to keeping her body healthy. And for her that means exercising regularly, enjoying the outdoors with her husband and getting lots of love from her family and friends … especially her grandkids. She also takes her preventive health seriously and has been on top of getting routine mammograms since she was 35 years old. So when her most recent mammogram came back “suspicious,” Lynette kept positive that it was just a benign tissue. She then had a diagnostic mammogram, an ultrasound and finally a biopsy before the results came back that she had a form of invasive breast cancer.

    “I was shocked,” said Lynette. “And then the morning after my diagnosis I was watching the news and saw a story on a new treatment for breast cancer. I rewound it a few times to see what it was and who offered it.”

    Lynette learned about the new innovative procedure for breast cancer at Sutter Cancer Center that uses intraoperative radiation therapy during the time of a lumpectomy. The goal of this approach is to destroy remaining cancer cells, helping to prevent the possibility of recurrence – and in most cases – eliminating the need for weeks of radiation treatments.

    At that time Lynette was with another health system and asked to go to Sutter for a second opinion. Within a few days she had an appointment with Gregory Graves, M.D., surgical oncologist and medical director of Sutter Cancer Center.

    “Dr. Graves was so thorough with me and my husband,” said Lynette. “He explained my type of cancer, and suggested that I have a lumpectomy instead of a mastectomy. And then Dr. Graves told me I was a candidate for the INTRABEAM.  I beamed with excitement!”

    Lynette did her research and met with a surgical oncologist from another health system and also a radiation oncologist. After reviewing her options and weighing the pros and cons of each approach, she decided to go with the INTRABEAM and Sutter Cancer Center because of the fact that she could be done with her treatment within a day, instead of a few months.

    Lynette had her surgery at Sutter Capitol Pavilion, the outpatient surgery center on the Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento Campus.

    “Everyone at Sutter went out of their way to make sure I was comfortable,” said Lynette. “Especially Dr. Graves. He knew I was nervous and in a little pain from the anesthesia and he came over and rubbed my hand, reassuring me. He made me feel so calm and I was able to fall asleep worry-free.”

    Lynette was released home a few hours after the surgery and only needed to take her prescribed pain medication for two days. Now, she is looking forward to getting her golf swing back and ramping out her exercise routine.

    “I will always know I had breast cancer,” said Lynette. “But I feel happy again. I was diagnosed less than two months ago, and my life is already back to normal.”


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