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    Kris - Life Didn't Skip a Beat

    Kris -
    Kris - Life Didn't Skip a Beat

    After going in for her annual mammogram, Kris was diagnosed with early stages of breast cancer. Her primary care physician, Bayard Chang, M.D., immediately referred her to Gregory Graves, M.D., surgical oncologist and medical director of Sutter Cancer Centers.

    “Dr. Change told me Dr. Graves was one of the best in the field,” said Kris. “And at our first meeting Dr. Graves looked me in the eyes and told me I was going to be just fine. From then on I had no concerns.”

    Because of Kris’ early-stage diagnosis, age and goal to return back to work quickly, Dr. Graves thought she would be an ideal candidate for a new treatment call INTRABEAM. INTRABEAM is targeted intraoperative radiotherapy given at the time of a lumpectomy. For 30 minutes, a low energy radiation is delivered locally to the targeted breast tissue, minimizing healthy tissue exposure to radiation. With this procedure, most patients are able to skip the traditional four to six weeks of radiation.

    “Cancer can have the tendency to take over one’s life,” said Kris. “That was not the case for me at all. My surgery was on a Thursday and I was back to work on Monday.”

    A self-proclaimed “foodie,” it was important to Kris that her treatment was fast and effective. She has a love for entertaining and hanging out with her family and grandkids. And because Sutter Cancer Center offers the INTRABEAM treatment, she didn’t miss out on any of it.

    Learn more about INTRABEAM for treating early stage breast cancer. 


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