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    Slawek - Least Invasive Treatment Possible

    Slawek -
    Slawek - Least Invasive Treatment Possible

    Slawek and his primary care physician Craig Ruggles, M.D., were actively monitoring his PSA levels ever since one of his tests showed high numbers for someone in their early 50s. When the numbers started to spike, Dr. Ruggles referred Slawek to Jonathan Eandi, M.D., medical director of Robotic Surgery at Sutter Medical Group.

    Dr. Eandi ran a few additional tests, and then decided to do a biopsy so we can have peace of mind, said Slawek. The biopsy showed that I had Stage 1 prostate cancer.

    Dr. Eandi presented Slawek with treatment options and suggested that he was a candidate forda Vinci robotic surgery.

    I had never heard of robotic surgery for prostate cancer treatment, said Slawek. But I was intrigued by the fact that it was minimally invasive and the recovery was quick.

    Slawek had surgery in March 2011. Dr. Eandi removed his prostate using the robotic arms of the da Vinci surgical system while leaving his other organs intact. A biopsy showed that the cancer did not spread, but there were signs of stage 4 and stage 5 cancer in the removed glands.

    It was a miracle, said Slawek. Because of Dr. Eandis skilled hands I was only in the hospital for one night, the pain was manageable and I had a fast recovery.

    Slawek had a quick return of continence. And now a few months after the surgery his sexual potency is improving. Best of all, his PSA levels are in the normal range.

    The da Vinci surgery was the best choice for me, said Slawek. And I would suggest other men to seek out the least invasive treatment possible.

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